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While weaving a horse may swing only it's head and neck, or it may sway with it's front quarters, lifting a front foot off of the ground with each swing.

Image: K. Blocksdorf

Weaving is a common stable vice caused by stress. It can be harmful to the horse and can cause damage to stall floors. Find out the characteristics and causes of weaving as well possible solutions to preventing or reducing the behavior.

What is weaving?

Is your horse weaving? Learn what weaving looks like, where it is likeliest to occur and when horses are more likely to weave.

Why do horses start weaving?

Once the weaving habit has begun it's almost impossible to stop it. Is there a genetic predisposition or is it a learned habit?  Learn what triggers weaving in horses. 

Why is weaving harmful?

Weaving, while it might seem merely annoying can be harmful to your horse. Weaving can also cause damage to stables. While weaving isn't as harmful as a habit like cribbing, and probably won't affect the value of the horse as cribbing does, there can still be consequences, especially over the long term.

How do I cope if my horse is a weaver?

Once the weaving habit has begun it's almost impossible to stop it. What do you do if your horse is a weaver? Here are some strategies that may help prevent or at least reduce the behavior. 

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