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Looking for gift ideas for the horse lover in your life this Christmas? Here are some great ideas from former About Horses and Ponies forum members. From stocking stuffers to things far to things that keep us warm and dry, here's what any horse lover would like to see under the tree this Christmas.

1. Ladies Roper Jacket

"I am asking for a Roper Jacket." (Tiff) The Roper Jacket would be great for working in the stable or riding. You'll find them in lots of different colors and down filled makes sure you will stay cozy in the coldest weather.

2. Painted Ponies Ornaments

Painted Ponies ornaments are a great gift idea that were mentioned by several forum members. These collectables are very popular and affordable.

3. Bridles

I know my daughter would like to find a nice black dressage bridle under the tree this year and other forum members concur that a bridle would be a great gift. Western or English, Australian or trail, there is a huge selection of bridles available that should appeal to any rider.

4. DVD/TV Combo

"I would love one of the little DVD players, so I could play my training videos at the barn. I watch them at home and take notes. I know I am missing bits and pieces. I'm glad Stormy doesn't know the difference though...."(Deb)
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5. Folding Hoofpick

I don't think it is possible to have too many hoofpicks. They are a bit like pens--they seem to go missing easily. Here is one that forum member Deb mentions she'd like to find in her stocking that "folds like a knife".
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6. Saddle Pads

Forum member Torsonin would like saddle pads, "the wilder and neater the better". So whether the horse lover in your life yearns for a prim and proper dressage pad, or a wildly coloured western saddle blanket you'll have lots to choose from.
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7. Denim Riding Pants

Pplanck is hoping for some denim jodphurs. Denim riding pants are more comfortable than ever and last a long time.
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8. Muck Boots

Deb would also like some muck boots. Muck boots are great for gardening, walking the dogs--and of course mucking out stalls. Insulated muck boots are a must for winter.
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9. Saddle Seat Pad

Here's what I want. My older Sommero saddle fits a variety of horses so I am a little reluctant to give it up. However, the seat seems harder than it used to be. I suppose I could solve the problem by increasing my intake of Christmas cookies. But then I'd need new pants. So, a gel pad for the summer and a nice wool fleece seat pad for the winter might do the trick.

10. Horseopoly

For those cold winter evenings when you can't get out to ride forum member Lotsacarisma would like a Horseopoly game. Based on the the original property buying game, Horseopoly also provides a little horse education along the way.
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