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Top Ten Gifts for Horse Owners and Lovers 2007

Gifts for Horse Lovers


If you've got a horse lover in your life, you'll have no problem finding the perfect gift. From the the decorative to the practical it won't be hard to find a gift in almost any price range.

Tipperary Riding Vests

I'll start this list with a safety item that is great for nervous riders, anyone who jumps, or rides green horses. Body protectors protect your torso from the impact of a fall or kick. They may feel a bit cumbersome at first, but you will get used to the feeling. Tipperary Riding Vests come in a variety of colors and sizes, are easy to care for.

Lucinda Greene's Equestrian Challenge

It's probably a good thing I don't have this game on my computer because I know I wouldn't get any work done if I did. Lucinda Greene's Equestrian Challenge lets you create the prefect horse and compete in prestigious horses shows in cross country jumping, stadium jumping and dressage. There are multiple playing levels, thousands of options for creating your horse and rider team and you'll be competing against some of the world's top riders. The game comes in PC and Playstation formats.

Cafe Press T-shirts, Mugs and Pillow Cases and More

From the "Born to Ride" infant T-shirt to office stationary there is sure to be something to put a smile on any horse lover's face. Cafe Press has a huge selection of items that can be printed with fun horse sayings, breed or sport pictures, and artwork. For a personalized gift Cafe Press can print your photo or image on apparel, home decor, stationary, and giftware. I've had fun just going through the funny sayings and designs.

Child's Riding Package

If you have a young rider in your family this might be the most economical way to get all the necessities without spending a bundle. This packages comes with SEI approved helmet, synthetic paddock boots. jodphurs, and belt This would be a great product for a child starting out in Pony Club or heading to horse camp.
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The Daddle Saddle

This item will be under the tree for a certain new young rider in our family. The Daddle Saddle is a soft stuffed version of a real Western saddle. It goes on Dad's back so he can give pony rides to young riders. (Cashel sells knee pads for Dad-horses too.) Stirrups are adjustable and the horn is soft. The cinch is made to ensure the 'horse's' comfort. It's washable and covered in sturdy black cotton fabric

Breyer Horse Sets

2007 Price Grabber
Even though my daughter is no longer a little girl she still loves to receive Breyer Horses models as gifts. When she was younger she loved playing with sets -- Breyer Horse barns, jumps, horses, and equipment. Breyer has a number of play sets that include trucks and trailers, paint your own horses, saddlery--anything you could dream of for your own horse.
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The Ultimate Horse Behavior And Training Book

The success in our dealings with horses is largely due to what we understand of their behaviour. Linda Tellington-Jones guides readers through safe and tested methods for dealing with horse problems. The forward is by John Lyons and the book is filled with pictures and real life examples. And not only do Tellington's methods work on horses, they can be adapted to help any two or four legged creature. This is a book you'll want to refer to often.
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Cashel Treat Pocket

This pocket straps to your belt and stores your horses favorite treats. Hook and loop fasteners make it easy to open and close. A must for anyone who needs to have rewards handy. A great little gift that prevents sticky pockets!

Horse Sheet Set

These sheets and pillow cases should inspire sweet horse dreams. Foals or horses are printed on these white or ivory sheets and pillow cases. There is a variety of horse designs such as blacks and greys, palominos and paints. Sizes twin through queen are available in 200 thread count poly/cotton blend. What I liked about the pictures is that they were fairly realistic and not too cartoon-ish.
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Horse Motif Lamps

2007 Price Grabber
Carry your love of horses into your home decorating scheme with these lamps. Horse themed designs include lighting ideas that would work in any room in your house.
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