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Great Gifts for Horse Lovers

Gift Ideas


Is it time to be thinking about the horse lovers and owners on your gift list? With so much to choose from it can be hard to decide  what gift would be just right. Here are a few ideas to help you out.

1. Horse Themed Clothing

2008 Girlshorseclothing.com
It won't be hard to find something to please the female horse lover on your list this Christmas! GirlsHorseClothes.com has a wide selection of horse themed clothing. You'll find everything from pajamas to dresses, all printed with horse motifs. Sizes range from girls size 4 up to woman's sizes.

2. Breyer Horse Models

2008 PriceGrabber
It wouldn't be Christmas at our house without at least one Breyer model horse beneath the tree. I still have Breyer horses that I got for Christmas over 30 years ago. Not only does Breyer make high quality, very detailed models, but you can purchase all of the gear; from barns and trailers, to blankets and leg wraps.
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3. ThermaCELL Insect Control Products

ThermaCELL Compact Appliance
2008 PriceGrabber
Mosquito and fly season seems like a long way off this time of year! But plan ahead and put a ThermaCELL product under the Christmas tree for a horse or outdoors person. ThermaCELL products are easy to use and they work. And they work remarkably well. Now, if we could only find a product to repel snow...

4. Ride Aside

2005 K. Blocksdorf
When I asked readers what their Christmas wishes were, two mentioned side saddles. | Antique side saddles aren't built for the conformation of modern horses and rider safety concerns of today. So set up the antique in the living room, and find a safe comfortable new side saddle instead. Hilason makes Western and English style side saddles. The prices of these saddles are surprisingly affordable.

5. Francis the Talking Mule DVD Set

2008 PriceGrabber
Many mule lovers will tell you that mules can have a bit of an attitude. Francis is no different and she has a lot to say. Volume 1 has 4 complete episodes of Francis the Talking Mule. This is good clean fun for the whole family. Watch for bit parts (excuse the pun) by Leonard Nemoy and Tony Curtis.
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6. Break Away Halters

If your horse lover's horse wears a halter during turn out, they'll want something that not only looks good but is safe. Dura-Tech halters are padded to eliminate rubbing, attractive and best of all, have a break away crown. If the halter does break, replacement tabs are available. These halters are available in navy, black, green, or burgundy and sizes yearling, full size or cob.

7. Rody Horse

2008 PriceGrabber
When my kids were little they had a Rody Ball. It was great, active fun and was very well used. My son would even sit on it to do his school work. If only we had known about the Rody Horse! Kids well love this durable, albeit cartoon-ish horse to bounce on.
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8. Horse Whinnycoo Clock

2008 PriceGrabber
Here's a time keeper and conversation starter for house or stable. The Horse Whinnycoo Clock features a little comical horse that pops out of his stable doors on every hour. There's a light detection feature that prevents the horse from whinnying during the dark, but wakes up again in the morning light. Just in case you need the Horse Whinnycoo Clock to sound again, there is a button on the side to activate the whinnying horse.
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9. Horse Shaped Pasta

A reader made a great suggestion for the foodie/horse lover on your list. Horse shaped pasta will make a novel meal at a birthday party, or with left over turkey at holiday time.

10. Wild Horses Tableware

2008 PriceGrabber
Perfect for serving horse shaped pasta on, this autumnal hued dishware would please any horse lover. This is a sixteen piece set decorated with wild horses running across the plains. The set includes four dinner plates, four bread/salad plates, four cups and four bowls.

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