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Choosing, Using and Caring for Horse Equipment

Find links and articles about how to find the right fit for saddles, martingales, bits, bridles and harness. Learn the parts of the saddle and bridle, different styles, how to care for your equipment and how it is most effectively used.
  1. Bits and Bridles Explained (44)
  2. Choose and Use Leg Wraps, Boots and Blankets (7)
  3. Gift Giving Ideas (10)
  4. Horse Equipment Repair & Care (15)
  5. Horse Equipment Reviews (6)
  6. Horse Trailer Safety (6)
  7. Learn About Halters (4)
  8. Product and Book Reviews (51)
  9. Riding Clothes and Helmets (15)
  10. Saddles and Saddle Fit (18)
  11. Saddling and Unsaddleing (5)

Learn About Stirrups
Learn all about stirrups, their history and use and discover the different types of stirrups used for horseback riding. Learn about English, western, trail and other types of stirrups, as well as stirrup safety.

Measure for a Horse Blanket
How to find the right size of horse blanket that will fit your horse. Horse blanket fitting. Learn how to measure for the right size horse blanket that will fit your horse.

Basic Grooming Tools
Learn about money-saving things you don't have to buy at the tack store, but are handy to have around your horse and stable.

How to Tie a Western Cinch
Here are step-by-step instructions how to tie your western cinch safely and properly. Learn how to tie and tighten your western cinch.

Protective Leg Boots for Horses
Protective leg boots can help performance horses avoid injury. Most pleasure horses don't need leg boots, but if you think your horse might benefit, here's a rundown of the most common leg boots used.

Basic Grooming Tools
Learn about money-saving things you don't have to buy at the tack store, but are handy to have around your horse and stable.

Choosing Leg Wraps or Bandages
Learn how to choose the right wraps or bandages for your horse. Learn about standing, shipping, stable and polo wraps, which ones to choose and choosing the correct sizes.

Basic Grooming Tools
Learn about the basic equipment you'll need to groom your horse.

Basic Grooming Tools
Learn about the basic equipment you'll need to groom your horse.

Fold a Western Saddle Blanket
Learn how to fold a western saddle blanket. Properly fold a saddle blanket for use under a western saddle with this how-to article.

Choosing a Safety or Crash Vest for Horseback Riding
Here's how to choose a crash vest, also called a body protector, and what I've learned about comfort and fit. Learn about horseback riding crash or safety vests.

Top Ten Essential Items for a Horse First Aid Kit
Here are ten basic items you should have on hand in a first aid kit for horses. What to put in a first aid kit for your horses or ponies.

Readers' Round Pen Building Advice - Build a Round Pen - How to Build…
Readers offer tips on how you can build a safe sturdy round pen even if you are on a budget. Learn about round pen materials, construction and design. Build your own round pen with advice from About.com Horse readers.

Making Safe Horse Costumes – Readers Tips for Safe Horse Costumes
Are you planning a costume for a horse for a parade or horse show. Here are tips from readers for making your costume safe for you and your horse. Find advice and resources to make the safest and most creative costume for a horse from About.com readers.

Readers Tips to Decorate A Horse - Decorate A Horse for a Parade or Costume...
Here are some fun and safe ideas from About.com horses readers for decorating a horse for parades and costume classes. Readers offer their tips and advice for decorating a horse safely.

Readers' Tips-- Things to Do with Baler Twine
A fun list for horse owners of the top ten things they can do with binder or baler twine contributed by About Horses and Ponies readers.

How to Make Ribbon Brow Bands
Here are step-by-step instructions for making colorful ribbon brow bands. You'll just need 2 yards of inexpensive ribbon and an old browband. You'll also find a link to instructions to make matching bridle rosettes. Great idea for teams or gift giving.

Dragon Driving - Parts of a Harness
Harness seems to cover the whole horse! Learn the names of the various parts with these three labeled photos.

Choosing a Cinch
There are a lot of choices when it comes to western cinches. Here's how to choose the one that's right for you and your horse.

Wearing Spurs While Horseback Riding
Do you need spurs when you ride your horse? Here's why spurs are used, when use them and how to pick out the right spurs.

Using a Whip or Crop While Horseback Riding
Learn how to use a whip or crop properly when riding and how whips and crops can be misused.

How to Fit a Horse Halter
Buy the right sized horse halter for your horse. Learn how to fit a horse halter. Learn how a halter should fit and how to measure to choose the proper sized horse halter for your horse.

Choosing an English Girth for Your Horse
Learn what the different types of English girth are for, and how to choose the right one for your horse.

Choosing a Horse Halter - Choose the Right Horse Halter - Buy a Horse Halter
Learn how to choose the right horse halter. This article offers suggestions for what type of halter you should buy for your horse.

Top Gifts for Horse Owners 2010 - Gifts for Horse Owners 2010

It's time to be thinking about the horse lovers and owners on your gift list! Here are a few ideas to help you out as the holiday season 2010 approaches.

How to Fold a Horse Blanket, Cooler, Rug, or Sheet

Learn How to Saddle Your Horse
Saddling a horse safely is an important skill when learning to ride. Learn how to saddle up with this step-by-step pictorial

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