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Frequently Asked Questions About Buying a Child's First Pony

What You Need to Know Before You Buy a Child's Pony


Mommy/Daddy I want a pony! If you've heard that statement, and owning a pony is a possibility you will want to do some careful research. Buying a child's first pony is a large expense and a 365 day a year responsibility.

If you're prepared to take on the responsibility, you'll want to buy the safest pony you can. No doubt you're getting some pressure to buy a pony now! But take your time and get all the answers to your questions before you buy your child's first pony.

When should I buy a pony for my child?

Are there good reasons not to buy a child's pony?

I can't buy a pony--what are the alternatives?

What are the qualities and characteristics of good child's pony?

Where should I look for a pony for my child?

What will a pony cost?

What should I do when I think I've found the right pony?

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