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Wild Horse Adoption

BLM Mustang Auction

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In several areas of the United States wild horses (and burros) are available for adoption. Before adoption, it is important to remember that these are truly wild animals and that any previous contact with humans may have been negative. The first step after you adopt a wild horse to domestic life is to establish its trust in humans. While this may not be the best choice for a first-time horse owner, it would be a rewarding challenge for the more experienced horseman or woman.

Chincoteague Pones

On the east coast of Virginia you can adopt Chincoteague Ponies. The Chincoteague pony swim is held on the last Wednesday of July. This annual event has been taking place since 1925 and helps prevent an overpopulation of ponies that could adversely affect their habitat. On the following Thursday, most of the young stock (mainly weanlings) is auctioned. Many horse lovers will have first learned of the pony swim and auction in Marguerite Henry's (Buy it Now) novel Misty of Chincoteague. If you are not able to actually buy a Chincoteague pony, there is also a foster program that helps fund the upkeep of the existing herds.

According to the Assategue Island auction information, the 2010 prices for adopted ponies ranged between $500 and $11,000. Ponies bought from the auction are eligible to be registered with the The National Chincoteague Pony Association.

Many horse adoption organization require new owners to fulfill certain requirements, but there is little to do for this adoption. There is help to load your new pony, but you will have to provide a halter (and lead shank), and your trailer must be S.P.C.A. approved.

Adopt a Mustang

For Mustang adoptions you will need to submit an application form to the BLM. You will be required to have a small holding pen made from suitable materials, with high sides and a shelter area to house your new adopted Mustang in until it is gentled. The BLM provides guidelines for construction. Also part of the adoption agreement is the promise not to sell the adopted horse to be a bucking horse, or for slaughter. Requirements for shipping are also very specific, so be sure to read all information provided by the BLM carefully.

Mustang horse adoption fees start at $125 per adopted horse, and up to four horses may be adopted within a twelve-month period, although you may apply to adopt more. The horse you adopt will be freeze branded on its neck, will have a current Coggins test to test for EIA and will have been de-wormed.

The horse you adopt will belong to the U.S. government until you receive a Certificate of Title. After one year of adopting your horse, a qualified person must verify you have been providing adequate care. You will then become the legal owner of the horse.


If you wish to adopt a Mustang, but would like one with more training, the Wild Horse Inmate Program has horses available. intro . You will have to fulfill the same requirements to the BLM and pay additional training fees to W.H.I.P.. These fees depend upon the training you want the horse to receive, and how long it actually takes to accomplish the training. Some halter and saddle broke horses are available on a first come-first-serve basis. Delivery within 150 miles (240km) is free, with additional charges for greater distances.

More information about W.H.I.P.

Training Your Adopted Wild Horse

Dealing with an adopted wild horse whose first impression of the human race may not be favorable adds a very challenging first step in the training process. Gaining a wild animal's trust can be done in many different ways. Wild Horse Mentors offers help in establishing a good relationship with your feral horse. Natural Horsemanship methods such as those used by John Lyons, Richard Shrake and Ray Hunt may be your choice. Good results can also been attained using Tteam methods. Whatever method you choose, you should always keep in mind the Five Things You Need to Know When Training and teach your horse at minimum the Eight Essential Horse Manners.

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