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Learn How to Purchase Your First Horse or Pony

Guidelines for beginner horse enthusiasts who want to buy a pony or horse for riding or driving.
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Learn How to Get Your Dream Horse
Learn how to get your dream horse. Whether your dream horse is your first horse or you've already owned many, learn how to find, choose and get your perfect horse. Get your dream horse.

How to Buy Your First Horse
Here are guidelines for buying your first horse and learning what a first time horse or pony buyer should choose. Advice on purchasing horses for beginner horseback riders or drivers. Learn what you should take, what to ask and what to look for when looking to buy your first horse.

Horse Name Generators - Random Horse Name Generator - Name Generators

Random horse name generators can help inspire ideas for the perfect horse name. Here is a list and descriptions of ten name generators you can use to find a name for your horse.

Readers Tips to Get a Horse - Get a Horse - How to Get a Horse
About.com Horses offer advice on how to get a horse. Discover the different ways to get a horse as suggested by readers. Learn how to determine if you should get a horse, how to buy, lease, adopt or get a horse for free.

Readers Tips to Get a Horse - Get a Horse - How to Get a Horse
About.com Horses offer advice on how to get a horse. Discover the different ways to get a horse as suggested by readers. Learn how to determine if you should get a horse, how to buy, lease, adopt or get a horse for free.

Horse Selling and Buying Scams - Your Stories
Have you had a run in with an online scammer while buying or selling a horse? Share your story with About.com Horses readers. Submit your story about horse buying selling or buying scams. See submissions

Horse Grooming Tips - Share Your Horse Grooming Tips and Tricks
Do you have a way to put a special shine on your horse's coat or detangle an unruly mane? Share your grooming tips and read great advice here!

Selling a Horse - Where to Sell Your Horse
Where to Advertise Your Horse for Sale. Once you've decided to sell your horse how do you get the word out that it's for sale? Here are tips for ways to advertise your horse for sale. Readers' Tips for selling your horse.

Reader's Discuss Basic Horse Care - The Costs of Basic Horse Care
Readers discuss the basic minimum costs of keeping a horse or pony at home or in a boarding facility. Find out how much it costs to feed and care for a horse on a yearly or daily basis.

You Know You're a Horse Person When -- Signs You're a Horse Person
Is there a saddle in your living room? Do you use a stable sheet as a bedspread and a saddle blanket as a throw rug? Did your child learn to neigh before it said its first word? What are the signs there is a horse in your life? Learn the signs that tell everyone you are a horse person. You know you`re a horse person...

Horse Names -Readers' Ideas for Horse Names
pet names horse names naming donkeys ponies mules pairs teams foals registered choosing selecting chooses pet names name your horse horse names naming your horse names for your horse

Where to Advertise Your Horse for Sale
Once you've decided to sell your horse how do you get the word out that it's for sale? Here are tips for ways to advertise your horse for sale. Tips for selling your horse.

Barefoot or Shod - Should Your Horse Wear Shoes or Go Barefoot?
Why leave a horse barefoot? What is the deciding factor for putting shoes on your horse? Which is healthier or which is harmful? What is your opinion?

Are Stallions Suitable First Horses?
Should a beginner rider buy a stallion for a first horse? Read why stallions are not suitable for new owners and riders and should only be handled by experienced horsepeople.

Do You Ride English or Western and Why - Riding English or Western
What would you advise a beginner who is trying to choose whether to ride English or western.

Take the Quiz - Are You Really Ready for Horse Ownership?
You've done all the reading, you're taking lessons and you feel ready to own your own horse. But is knowledge all there is to being ready to own a horse? Not really.Take this quiz and find out if you have the commitment it takes to care for a horse.

Is Your Child Ready for A Horse?
Some children are ready for a horse or pony before others. Here's what to look for and things to consider before buying your child a horse.

When is the Best Time of Year to Buy a Horse?
This quick tip answers the question "What is the best time of year to buy a horse". Find out what time of year the best horse buying opportunities arise.

Choosing a Name For Your Horse
Choose a name for your new horse or foal. Here are links, lists and ideas for finding the perfect name for your horse, pony, donkey or mule. Find a name for your new colt, filly, or a stable name for your new horse.

Top Five Reasons Not to Buy a Horse at an Auction
Learn why you shouldn't buy your first horse at an auction. Here are the top five reasons buying a horse through auction can be a risk.

You Want a Horse or Pony: How to Convince Your Parents
Do you want your parents to buy you a horse? Here are some tips and suggestions for convincing them that it's time to buy you your first horse or pony.

Top Ten Mistakes People Make Buying A First Horse
I want you to enjoy your first horse and that means watching out for common pitfalls first-time buyers make. Here's a run-down of the top mistakes people make when they buy a first horse.

Buying A Child's First Pony FAQ
Frequently asked questions about buying your child's first pony. Tips and recommendations for choosing the perfect pony for your child.

Horse Ownership Poll
Do you own, lease, part-board, rent, or find another way to enjoy horses on a regular basis? Vote for your horse ownership situation and find out what other readers are doing.

Finding Your First Horse or Pony
Basic guidelines for finding your first horse, what to look for, where to look, and who to ask for advice.

Horse Ownership Readiness Quiz
Are you ready to own and take care of your own horse? Take this quiz and see if you have all the information you need to be a good horse owner.

Basic Costs of Horse Care
Here's how much it costs to keep a horse. This daily breakdown of horse care costs will help you understand the expenses involved in caring for a horse.

The Horseless Rider-Review
A review of the book The Horseless Rider by Barbara Burns.

Buying or Selling A Horse: The Vet Exam by Cherry Hill
Even experienced horse buyers often ask for a pre-purchase veterinary exam of the horse they want to buy. Cherry Hill gives sound advice about the purpose of an exam, what an exam should include, and what can be learned.

Horse Keeping FAQ
Keeping a horse is a 365 day a year commitment. Learn the expense of time and money you will encounter with horse ownership and get recommendations for feeding, basic equipment, and affordable alternatives to horse ownership.

Start looking for your perfect horse here. You'll find listings for horses, ponies, and equipment searchable by location, breed, pedigree, name or ID. Sellers will appreciate the free photo ads and easy to use interface.

How to Get a Horse - Get a Horse - Ways to Get a Horse

There are many ways to get a horse of your own. This guide outlines seven ways to get a horse.

How Much to Do Horses Cost?
What affects the value of horses? What should your first horse cost? Learn what you'll likely pay to buy your first horse.

Introducing a New Horse to the Herd
Learn how to introduce a new horse into an existing herd as safely as possible.

Buying Horses Online
It's fun to shop for horses online. But you might want a bit more research before making a decision on which horse to buy. Here's how to avoid the pitfalls of online selling and where to find horses online.

Top 5 Horses Beginners Should Not Buy
Buying your first horse should be a good experience. Here are the types of horses you should avoid when looking for your first horse.

Am I Too Big For My Horse?
A common question from About.com Horses readers is, am I too big for my horse. Here are some guidelines and considerations when picking out the right size of horse.

Beginner Horse Conformation - Legs and Shoulders
Well conformed legs mean your horse will provide a comfortable ride and have a better chance of staying sound. Here are the basics of shoulder, leg and hoof conformation.

Make Your Horse Worth More
Increasing your horse's worth benefits both you and your horse. Here's how to make your horse worth more money.

How to Choose a Perfect Family Horse
Learn how to pick the best horse for the whole family. Family horses need to have some special qualities. Here's how to find that perfect family horse.

What are the Best Breeders for First Time Horse Owners?
Is there a best breed for beginner riders? Here's a look at good breeds for new equestrians.

What is the best age for a first horse?
What is the best age for a first horse? Learn why older horses make the best first-time horses.

Should I Buy a Stallion, Gelding or Mare?
What's the best gender for a beginner horse? Stallion, mare or gelding? Here's what you should consider when choosing a horse.

Where Do I Find Horses For Sale?
Learn the best places you can find horses for sale so you can begin your search for the perfect first horse.

What You Can Learn From a Horse Pre-purchase Exam
What can you learn from a pre-purchase exam? Learn what your vet can tell you when you are when buying a horse.

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