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Description, Action and Uses of a Quarter Moon D-ring Snaffle


D-ring Show Snaffle

An ornate Quarter Moon D-ring Snaffle used in the show ring.

2005 K. Blocksdorf


This beautiful bit has D rings and two joints in the mouthpiece. The copper conchos in the middle of the Ds are for decoration. The tiny quarter moon shaped piece in the mouthpiece has a copper inlay.


This D-ring snaffle would not be used for every day riding but would be used in the show ring. This one was sold as a “Futurity Snaffle” and was intended for use in specific types of horse show classes.

How it Works:

This snaffle bit applies pressure to points in the horse’s mouth. The quarter moon provides relief over the tongue similar to a low port. The copper inlay triggers saliva flow in the horse’s mouth for increased sensitivity. The nutcracker effect is somewhat different that a single jointed mouthpiece. There would be less pressure on the tongue and palate.

From the collection of Rose Danko, Coates Creek Stables

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