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Description, Action and Uses of a Butterfly Driving Bit


Butterfly Driving Bit

Butterfly Driving Bit


Appearance of the Butterfy Driving Bit:

The butterfly bit can have a straight, mullen or jointed mouth piece. Also called a 'post bit', there are one or two rings that extend below the junction of the first ring and the mouth piece. The smaller loop shaped ring sitting above the mouth piece is where the bridle attaches. Because this is a curb bit, it will have loops to attach a curb strap or chain.

Uses of the Butterfy Bit:

The butterfly bit is a driving bit and often seen when more than one horse is on a team. The large rounded rings prevent the horses from catching their bits on the harness of the neighboring horse. Very occasionally it is seen on a riding horse or horses being shown in hand.

How it Works of the Butterfy Bit:

The Butterfly bit is a curb bit. The bridle attaches to the smallest ring. Reins can be attached to any of the rings below. Reins placed on the top ring that are even with the mouthpiece will acted somewhat like a snaffle. The severity of the bit is increased when the lower rings are used. When the reins are pulled back, the curb chain and crown of the bridle apply pressure in addition to the action in the horse's mouth.Compare Prices

Note: there is another bit called a butterfly bit that attaches to another bit to increase its severity. It looks similar to a small bridoon.

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