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How to Groom Your Horse


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Clean the Ears, Eyes, Muzzle and Dock Area
Cleaning Your Horse's Eyes and Ears

Gently clean around your horse's or pony's eyes, muzzle and dock area with a clean damp sponge or soft cloth.

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So far, you have cleaned up your horse’s body, mane and tail. Now it’s time for detailing. With a damp sponge or soft cloth wipe around the horse’s eyes and muzzle, and clean away any dirt or chaff.  You may prefer a soft cloth as it can be more easily laundered between uses. Check your horse’s eyes. A bit of tearing at the corner of the eye is not uncommon, but take note of excess tearing, redness, or swelling. Eye infections need to be treated promptly. Check ears for lodged seed heads or dirt. Some horses are fussy about having their ears handled, so go slowly and be careful not to pinch or pull hairs. Eventually, your horse may come to love having its ears groomed. When you are done with the face, use the cloth to wipe around the dock and tail head.

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