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Comb Out the Tangles From the Mane and Tail
Combing the tail.

Stand to the side while gently brushing or combing through your horse's tail. Go section by section, working your way up from the bottom, brushing downwards a few inches at a time.

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A flowing, shiny mane and tail is a joy to behold. Get that full, healthy look by being gentle and patient as you groom your horse's mane or tail. Either with a mane comb or brush, start at the bottom of the strands and brush downwards in sections until you can smoothly comb from the top of the mane or tail, right to the bottom. When brushing the tail, stand to one side and pull the tail gently over to you. This way you are out of the way should the horse kick. A grooming spray that detangles hair is nice to have, and makes brushing out the long stands easier while cleaning, shining and protecting the hair. A grooming spray may also help prevent the hairs from tangling too much between groomings. Some people like to keep their horse's tails wrapped to keep it clean and tangle free, but I prefer to let my horse use its tail the way nature intended, to swat away flies. If your horse's mane is unruly and lies on both sides, here's how to tame it to lay flatter.
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How to Comb a Horse Mane and Tail
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