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How to Groom Your Horse


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Clean Your Horse's or Pony's Hooves
Hoof Cleaning

Clean out all four hooves and check for signs of injury or disease. Draw the hoof pick back to front to clean out around the frog.

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Cleaning out your horse’s hooves is very important. Slide your hand down the left foreleg. Squeeze the back of the leg along the tendons just above the pastern and say ‘up’ or ‘hoof’—whatever your horse is trained to respond to. Hold the hoof and with the hoof pick pry out any dirt, manure or anything else lodged in the frog or sole of the foot. Check for any injury and signs of thrush, grease heel, or other problems. Take note of any cracks in the wall of the hoof so you can consult with your farrier as to what should be done. Gently place the foot back down on the ground and continue until all four feet are done.
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