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Shoeing FAQ - Can I shoe my horse myself?


Question: Shoeing FAQ - Can I shoe my horse myself?
Answer: Even if you occasionally trim your horse’s feet yourself it is unwise to attempt shoeing. It may seem like cutting costs to be a do-it-yourself-er. But you can cause a lot of problems very easily if you aren’t completely competent at farrier work. Farriers are professionals, who hopefully are educated about hoof structure, care and shoeing, and have served apprenticeships. Shoeing is best left to those qualified for the job.

There are books and videos out there that promise to teach you how to shoe your own horse. But simply reading a book or watching a video will not give you the experience and knowledge you will need to shoe your horse well each and every time. Mistakes in trimming and shoeing can be cumulative. Good trimming and shoeing should not harm the horse over time.

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