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Caring for Your Older Horse FAQs

How to Provide the Best Care for Your Senior Horse


Older horses make great first horses. But older horses also need a bit of extra care. Here's how to feed and shelter your senior horse as well as tips for keeping your older horse healthy.

Caring for Your Older Horse - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the signs that my horse may be aging? How can I tell if my horse is becoming 'senior citizen'?
  • What type of exercise or work can an older horse do? Can I still ride or drive my older horse?
  • How do I care for my older horse’s teeth? Do an older horse's teeth need extra care?
  • How do I feed my older horse? Does my older horse need extra or special senior horse feed?
  • How does aging affect a horse’s hooves? Will my older horse's hooves need extra care?
  • What other health problems may an older horse have? Do older horse's have a lot of health problems?
  • What type of shelter does an older horse need? Does my older horse have to live in a stable?
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