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Basic Horse Care

Learn about basic horse care. Learn about horse and pony keeping. Discover feeding recommendations, ideas for housing and fencing, care tips, health advice, and safety guidelines.
  1. Basic Horse Care (18)
  2. Boarding Your Horse (7)
  3. Feeding Your Horse (30)
  4. Green Horse Care (14)
  5. Grooming (21)
  6. Hoof Care (9)
  7. Horse Health (29)
  8. Horse Stables and Sheds (23)
  9. Internal Parasite Control (2)
  10. Mane and Tail Care (6)
  11. Seasonal Care (29)
  12. Vaccinating Your Horse (10)

Horse and Pony Keeping FAQ
These FAQs will answer your questions about basic food, shelter, costs, necessary equipment, alternatives to ownership and the time it takes to care for your first horse or pony.

Caring for Your Older Horse FAQs
How to care for your older senior horse. Tips on sheltering, feeding, health and riding or work load. Learn how to care for your older horse.

About Horses Quizzes and Games
I've made a list of all the horse quizzes I've created so it's easy for you to find them. Have fun!

Money Saving Tips for Horse Owners
Save money with these tips for budget horse care. Learn how you can keep costs lower and still take good care of your horse with these money saving tips for horse owners.

Blanketing Tips and Tricks
Here are some tips for blanketing your horse, especially during the cold weather. Learn how to prevent belly straps from undoing, leg strap snaps from sticking, chaffing and more.

What Comes Next - Quiz
Do you know how to safely bring your horse in from the pasture, saddle up, and then cool out and put your horse away after a ride? Test your safety and horse care knowledge with the What Comes Next Quiz.

Preventing Small Animal Drownings in Your Horse's Water Trough
Prevent mice, chipmunks, birds, frogs and other animals from drowning in your horse's or pony's drinking water trough. This quick fix helps prevent polluted trough water and accidental small wild animal deaths.

Safety Guidelines for Working With Horses and Ponies
Guidelines for staying safe while working with horses. Safety recommendations for horse and pony handling. Stay safe while working with your horse or pony.

Readers' Money Saving Tips for Horse Owners - Save Money on Horse Care
Save money with these tips for budget horse care from About Horses Readers. Learn how you can keep costs lower and still take good care of your horse with these money saving tips for horse owners.

Readers' Tips to Tie a Horse Safely - How to Tie Your Horse
Readers offer their tips for tying your horse safely in every situation. Learn how to ensure the safety of horse and handler when tying to posts, in cross ties, in trailers, at shows, and in the stable.

Holiday Horse Ideas - Holiday Horse Gifts,Pictures, Recipes, Safety and Fun

When winter arrives, our horse activities tend to wind down and turn into a routine of mucking out, feeding and grooming. But the holidays are a great opportunity to have some fun and introduce you non-horsey friends and family to your equine companion.

Horse and Pony Care By the Day, Week, Month and Year
A quick checklist of things you must do to keep your horse or pony healthy and happy, by the day, week, month, and year. Horse care throughout the year.

Alternative Therapies for Horses
Learn about the most popular alternative therapies for horses that can be used in combination with veterinary medicine to help and heal your horse.

Horse Reproduction
This article explains the basics of how horses reproduce including stages of the gestation period and foaling.

Choosing a Property for Horses
Choosing an equestrian property is very exiciting! Here are some things you should consider when looking for a property for you and your horse.

How To Tell if Your Mare is Pregnant and Why It's Important
Learn if your mare is pregnant to give her the best mare care to raise a healthy foal. Here's tips for finding out if your mare is in foal.

How to Look After Your Horse After Riding
Care for your horse after you ride. Learn what to do when you have finished riding your horse or pony. How to unsaddle, cool out, and groom a horse after it has been ridden so it is clean and comfortable.

How to Tie Your Horse or Pony Safely
Learn how to ensure the safety of horse and handler when tying to posts, in cross ties, in trailers, at shows, and in the stable.

Care of Older Horses
Older horses make great first horses for beginners. Learn how to provide the best care for your senior horse with information on shelter, feed and dental care.

Slobbers or Slaframine Poisoning in Horses
Learn why horses get Slobbers or Slaframine Poisoning. Is your horse drooling excessively? Find out why.

Learn About Bots
Are your horse's legs covered in little yellowish specks? Suspect bot flies. Pesky bot flys can lay eggs that can hatch into a serious internal parasite problem in horses, so learn how to prevent bot infestations.

Top Six Professionals You'll Need to Help You Care For Your Horse
Sometimes we need help looking after our horses. Here are the top six professionals we're likely to need to help keep our horses in top condition.

Learn Facts About Beet Pulp and How to Feed Beet Pulp to A Horse

Beet pulp has a bad reputation that's somewhat undeserved. Here's what you need to know about feeding a horse beet pulp.

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