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Equestrian Olympics

All about Equestrian Olympic sports with information about the 2008 Summer Olympics.
  1. Olympic Rider Profiles (9)

Beijing Olympics Equestrian Medal Results
Medals awarded at the 2008 Beijing Equestrian events held in Hong Kong. Individual and team equestrian medal results in eventing, dressage and stadium jumping.

Endurance Riding Profile - Introduction to Endurance Riding
An introduction to the sport of endurance riding. Find out what you'll need, how to prepare you and your horse, and what you'll learn at your first endurance ride.

All About Olympic Equestrian Sports
Learn all about the Olympic Equestrian Sports of show jumping, three day eventing and dressage. Find history, rules, image galleries, and descriptions of all the Olympic equestrian disciplines.

Olympic Equestrian - Olympic Rules, Judging and Officials
Get explanations about the rules and laws of the Olympic sport of dressage, three day eventing and show jumping, and learn about the role of the judges and officials in the Olympic equestrian sports.

Your Road to the Olympic Team - How to Become An Olympic Rider
The Olympic Equestrian Track - Learn how you can become an Olympic rider.

Great Moments in Olympic Equestrian Sports
While the medal presentations are always a highlight there are sometimes events that occur, or horses and riders that go beyond the expectations.

Olympic Equestrian Illustrated History
An image gallery of historical Olympic equestrian photos illustrating the history of horse sports in the summer Olympics.

Olympic Action Image Gallery
Here's a peek at the venues, thrills and spills of Olympic equestrian sports. See show jumpers, dressage riders and three day eventers in action with this collection of Olympic photos.

Olympic Dressage - Individual Olympic Dressage Medalists
Olympic Equestrian Individual Dressage Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medal Winners from the Olympic Games. Horse and Rider medal winners.

Equestrian Medalists
Listings of all the Olympic Equestrian Medalists of past Olympic games.

Olympic Dressage - Team Olympic Dressage Medalists
The Olympic Equestrian Dressage Team Medal Winners from the Olympic Games.

Olympic Eventing - Team Olympic Eventing Medalists
The Olympic Equestrian Eventing Team Gold, Silver and Bronze Medal Winners from the Olympic Games.

Olympic Eventing - Individual Olympic Eventing Medalists
Olympic Equestrian Individual Eventing, Silver, and Bronze Medal Winners from the Olympic Games. Horse and Rider medal winners.

Olympic Show Jumping - Individual Olympic Jumping Medalists
The Individual Jumping Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medal Winners from the Olympic Games.

Olympic Show Jumping - Team Olympic Jumping Medalists
The Olympic Equestrian Team Jumping Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medal Winners from the Olympic Games.

Discontinued Olympic Equestrian Discplines - Olympic Medalists
Discontinued Olympic equestrian sports. Olympic medal riders and horses in high jump, long jump, hacks and hunters and coaching from the Summer Olympic games.

Learn to Ride Horseback - Basic Riding Skills
If the Olympics inspire you to learn to ride here are the basic skills you'll need to know to get started. Of course you can't learn to ride from a website or a book. But these articles should help you know what to expect when you are in the saddle and taking a lesson.

Official Equestrian Olympic Screensaver
A free screensaver with scenes from the 2004 Athens Olympics.

International Equestrian Federation
The main website of the International Equestrian Federation.

Beijing 2008 Olympic and Paralympic Equestrian Events in Hong Kong
The official site of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Equestrian Events. You'll find news updates, event and venue information.

Equine Canada - Hippique Canada - News [The CET]
The national governing body for equestrian sports in Canada

United States Equestrian Federation, Inc
The national governing body for equestrian sports in the United States.

Working Safely With Horses
Learn how to stay safe around horses. These tips can help you safely work with your horse while you feed, groom and care for it. Safe handling prevents accidents and makes horse owning more fun.

Holiday Horse Ideas - Holiday Horse Gifts,Pictures, Recipes, Safety and Fun

When winter arrives, our horse activities tend to wind down and turn into a routine of mucking out, feeding and grooming. But the holidays are a great opportunity to have some fun and introduce you non-horsey friends and family to your equine companion.

2012 London Olympic Equestrian Competition
Learn about the Olympic equestrian sports, the venue for the 2012 London Olympics, and where you can watch on North American television stations.

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