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Riding Exercises

Try these riding exercises, increase your timing and feel for cuing your horse and help your horse become more responsive. Great ideas to try on your own, or include in a riding lesson plan.

Exercise for Horseback Riding
Exercise for Horseback Riding has suggestions for getting and staying fit for horseback riding. Learn why fitness is important and find exercises to benefit your horseback riding.

100 Ways to Improve Your Riding--Book Review
A review of the book "100 Ways to Improve Your Riding" by Susan McBane. Learn how to overcome horseback riding problems.

Experiment How Your Body Movement Affects Your Horse
This experiment that you can try while you are riding your horse may help to demonstrate how your body movement can affect how your horse moves. Try this easy experiment to see if you can influence your horse's gait at a walk.

Experiment: How Your Body Movement Affects Your Horse's Direc…
Try this experiment as you ride to see how your body influences the direction your horse travels in. This simple, easy experiment will help you understand how your body influences balance and the direction your horse is traveling in.

Experiment: Connect With Your Horse While Riding
Here is an exercise that is easy and fun to do, that will help you connect with your horse and learn balance while riding. You'll need no other special equipment, other than a friend to lead your horse. Try this the next time your ride your horse to increase your connectedness and balance.

Experiment: Practice Keeping Your Hands Steady and Independen…
Here is an exercise that is easy and fun to do, that will help you learn to have steady quiet hands while you are horseback riding.. You'll need no other special equipment other than a table or countertop . Try this before you horseback ride, to help you understand how to keep your hands quiet and steady.

Experiment: Count Your Steps and Halt Promptly
Here is an exercise that may be more difficult than it first appears. Can you count your horse's steps and halt promptly on the last number? Here's a fun, but challenging experiment to try next time you ride your horse.

Ride a Horse in a Straight Line
Learn to ride your horse in a straight line. While this may sound simple, it actually takes more riding skill than you may realize. Learn why it is important for you to learn to ride your horse in a straight line and how to do it.

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