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Identifying & Treating Horse Eye Infections & Injuries - Horses
Learn how to identify and treat eye infections and injuries in horses. Learn first aid ... unavoidable. Just take care to make your horse's home as safe as possible.
Understanding Horse Eyes and Vision - Horses - About.com
A healthy horse eye, clear and bright with no discharge. .... Learn The Absolute Basics of Horse Care ... What Does it Cost to Care for a Horse, Anyway?
Horse Warts - Equine Viral Papillomata - Horses - About.com
Learn about what equine warts on horses look like, and their causes, effects, ... Need to Help You Care For Your Horse · First Aid for Horse Eye Injuries and ...
Treating Minor Horse Wounds - Cuts, Scrapes and Bruises - Horses
What do you do when your horse cuts, scrapes, bruises itself or gets a puncture wound? Here's how to look ... What Does it Cost to Care for a Horse, Anyway?
White Patches Around Horse's Eyes - White Vitiligo Patches on Horses
A reader asks what the pale pink patches of skin are around her horse's eyes. Learn about vitiligo or ... Learn The Absolute Basics of Horse Care · The Basics of  ...
Horses Skin Diseases and Conditions
While a horse with flashy white markings is undeniably eye-catching, white markings that suddenly appear ... What Does it Cost to Care for a Horse, Anyway ?
Moon Blindness or Equine Recurrent Uveitis Explained - Horses
The best we can do is to provide good nutrition, a clean healthy environment, fly control and watchful care. When you see your horse has an eye infection, call ...
Puncture Wounds in Horses - About.com
Puncture wounds are one of the most troublesome injuries your horse can get. Learn how to ... A worst-case scenario is when a puncture penetrates into an organ, eye or joint. Punctures can also .... Learn The Absolute Basics of Horse Care.
How to Measure a Horse's Weight - Horses - About.com
Knowing your horse's body weight is important when administering medications, de-worming and for keeping an eye on your horse's overall health. The best ...
Blind Horses
It's important to understand horses and how vitally important vision was to their ... any horse can panic when it finds itself in a scary situation, great care has to be ...
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