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Repairing and Caring for Horse Tack and Equipment - Horses
Horse equipment gets dirty and often needs repair. Save money and extend the life of your tack and gear by learning to clean and repair your own saddles, ...
Choosing Caring for Horse Equipment - Horses - About.com
Find out how to fit and care for your saddles, bridles, harness and other horse tack and equipment. Learn how to properly measure saddles for the optimum ...
Choosing, Training and Caring for a Horse
Everything you need to know about choosing, training, riding and caring for a horse. ... Avoid These Seven Mistakes When You Tack Up Your Horse to Ride.
What is Horse Tack? - Horses - About.com
Tack may also refer to equipment like halters, lead ropes, whips, long reins, wraps and other items used in handling and caring for horses. Driving harness may ...
Basic Equipment You Need for Your First Horse - Horses - About.com
... and Organizations · Choosing, Using and Caring for Horse Equipment · Understand the Physical and ... There are some specialty items you'll need to pick up at your local tack shop, such as special brushes and the tack for riding a...
Caring for Cracked and Chipped Hooves - Horses - About.com
Cracked and chipped hooves may be common, but that doesn't mean you can ignore them. Learn about hoof cracks and chipped hooves, why hooves become  ...
Caring for your Bike Clothes - How to Clean and Wash Your Cycling ...
Taking care of your bike clothes isn't particularly complicated, but you should pay attention to protect the investment that you have in them and to avoid potential ...
Cinch - Definition of Cinch - Glossary of Horse Terms - Horses
... Choosing, Using and Caring for Horse Equipment · Understand the Physical ... a Cinch · Choosing an English Girth for Your Horse · Horse Tack Safety Check ...
Horse Tack Safety Check - Horses - About.com
Learn how to check tack you are thinking of buying and tack you already own for ... Choosing, Using and Caring for Horse Equipment · Horse Equipment Repair ...
How to Care For Your Horse After Riding - Horses - About.com
... Choosing, Using and Caring for Horse Equipment · Understand the Physical .... The Beginner's Guide to Saddling a Horse · Horse Tack Safety Check · How to ...
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