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How to Fold a Horse Blanket, Cooler, Rug, or Sheet
Folding your blankets, coolers, rugs, and sheets properly makes them easier and safer to put on your horse or pony. Your horse will be less likely to spook if you ...
Choosing Blankets, Sheets and Rugs for Your Horse - Horses
There are a great many blankets and rugs you can buy for your horse. Learn what each type of horse blanket is for, and how to choose the right one for your ...
Glossary of Horse Terms - Definition of Rug - Rug
Definition: A rug is a thick blanket that horses wear in cold weather. Traditionally, they are made of lined canvas, but modern rugs are also made with a synthetic ...
Make Printable Model Horse Blankets or Stable Rugs - Miniatures
Model horses of all scales often need stable rugs or blankets for particular scenes or show situations. These free printable horse blankets are sized for 1:12 or ...
Clean Your Saddle Pads, Blankets, Rugs and Sheets - Horses
If it's time to clean your horse's fabric made gear such as saddle pads, blankets, coolers, rugs or sheets here are some tips to get the job done easily.
Fit the Printable Blanket To Your Model Horse - Miniatures - About.com
How to adjust the printable horse blanket to fit your particular model horse. ... Make Printable Model Horse Blankets or Rugs from Fabric or Paper. By Lesley ...
How to Measure and Fit a Horse Blanket - Horses - About.com
Whether you want a cooler, fly sheet or warm winter rug, you'll need to measure your horse for the correct size. Here is how to measure your horse for a blanket.
Nikwax Rug Proof Review - Horses - About.com
A review of Nikwax Rug Proof for waterproofing turn-out and stable rugs and horse blankets.
Add the Model Horse Blanket Straps - Miniatures - About.com
How to add closing straps to the printable model horse blanket. ... Make Printable Model Horse Blankets or Rugs from Fabric or Paper. By Lesley Shepherd.
Materials Needed to Make Printable Model Horse Blankets
List of materials used to make printable miniature model horse blankets or stable rugs.
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