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Draft Horse Breeds

By June 10, 2013

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I have a big soft spot for draft horse breeds. The gentle giants of the horse world really appeal to me. Perhaps it's because I'm a big person, and riding tiny Arabs makes me feel unbalanced. Perhaps it's their work ethic and strength. When I have my own farm again, I've decided I'd like to have a Percheron.

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I love Clydesdales, and my Bay Goddess was a Clyde cross as is our much missed baby Thor. Draft breeds did much to develop the land we live on. They logged the forests and tilled the soil. They pulled our ancestors to town and carried home hunter's quarry. Mixed with light horse breeds they've contributed to many different warmblood and sport horses. What type of draft breed would you like to own? Is there a special draft horse in your life? Tell us about your experiences with draft breeds in the comments below.

Draft Breeds:


April 29, 2013 at 10:31 pm
(1) Love says:

I too love draft horses! When I was a pre-teen through 18 I leased a draft Appaloosa cross. He was fabulous; he could jump, barrel race, leg-yield and perform well in dressage. He was just the sweetest guy ever.

Some day, my husband and I would like to have a farm with rescued gentle giants. We’d like at least one working team for riding and harness work, but as for the others, we don’t care if they’re just big gorgeous lawn ornaments.

I have been in love with draft horses ever since I was a small child! I love all the breeds (though I agree with you — I’m 5’8″ and sometimes riding a little Arabian, though like floating delighfully in a canter– can feel like sitting on a fence rail!)

Some day though.. we’d like to rescue them all and provide them with pasture, food, love, space and hugs. :-D

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